Mind the Test offers intensive one-on-one SSAT and ISEE tutoring for students who want to work hard to get into their dream school. Students will learn new techniques, new ways of thinking, and new, cutting-edge research-based study techniques.

As much as possible, our lessons connect the skills we study in class to real-world applications. As students learn specific test-taking tips and analyze their practice tests, they also build the underlying skills and thought processes that high scores—and top middle and high schools—require. Lessons will be engaging, unique, and adapted to each student's needs.

I listen and respect each student as an individual. In exchange, students are expected to dedicate serious time and energy to their studies. In general, students should plan to spend about three to four times as much time on homework as in tutoring, so if we meet for two hours a week, a student should plan to do six to eight hours of work at home.